Cash for Clunker Car list

clunker car listAs the details and numbers roll in for the Cash for Clunkers program, the top car traded is none other than the Ford Explorer. Of the top 10 cars trade in, six of them are Ford Explorer from different model years, according to data collected by the Department of Transportation and reported by the Jalopnik automotive blog.
Some of the other clunker cars include the big Ford F-150 and Chevrolet C1500 pickups, the Chevrolet Blazer SUV, the Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee, plus the Dodge Caravan and Ford Windstar minivans.

The demise of the Ford Explorer most likely has to do with Gas prices rising and SUV's being gas guzzlers. On the opposite end of the Cash for Clinkers program, the most-purchased new car was the Ford Focus, which gets an average of 28 mpg.


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